World Quantum Day




On 14 April 2022 quantum scientists will celebrate the World Quantum Day around the world, following the initiative launched one year ago, on 14 April 2021.

On this day quantum scientists, professors, teachers, engineers, educators, entrepreneurs, together with their research institutes, universities, companies, will organise various activities, including scientific and outreach talks, laboratory tours, discussions and debates, to celebrate the World Quantum Day.

The World Quantum Day aims to emphasize the role of Quantum Science in understanding Nature at its most fundamental level, in developing technologies for everyday life, with large impact on the whole society.

Quantum physics is the most fundamental theory created in order to describe Nature, based on a set of laws that govern the world of atoms, nuclei and elementary particles. Quantum mechanics, with its fascinating, and at the same time nonintuitive concepts, has revolutionised our way in understanding the properties of the reality.

At the same time, quantum physics is at the origin of impressive technological developments that gave shape to the society of today, such as the transistor, the laser, semiconductors, medical imaging: it was the first quantum revolution!

Moreover, quantum science expanded beyond physics during the last decades, and

started to transform our understanding of the concept of information - quantum information theory was created, which opened the way leading to new information technologies, such as quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum sensing and imaging, quantum metrology, quantum simulation, quantum cybernetics, quantum internet. We are witnessing a new scientific and technological revolution: it is the second quantum revolution!

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