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The SEEIIST project

by Prof. Leandar Litov (University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski")

ELI-NP Seminar Room

ELI-NP Seminar Room


A project for the establishment of an international intergovernmental scientific organization in the region of South East Europe (European Institute for Sustainable Technologies - SEEIIST) is
under way. The research infrastructure will include a powerful next generation accelerator that will provide proton and ion beams for tumor treatment and biomedical research. The center will comprise three rooms
for patient treatment and two large experimental halls. The institute will carry out clinical trials to develop new methods and protocols for the treatment of tumors with protons and light ions, development of
methods of combined radio and immunotherapy and research in the field of radiation genetics. A wide range of preclinical in-vitro and in-vivo radiobiology studies are also envisaged. An extended program of research
in the field of medical physics related to the formation and control of proton and ion beams, control and measurement of the dose received by patients, medical imaging and biophysical modeling and planning of
patient treatment is also planned. Design and investigation of the properties of new material is part of the research program as well. Production of isotopes for cancer diagnosis and treatment is envisaged. Ten SEE countries are involved in the realization of the SEEIIST