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Water, Wine, Reactors and Non-proliferation: Nuclear Material Analysis for International Security Purposes

by Vitaly Fedchenko (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sweden)

Training and Research Centre of IFIN-HH

Training and Research Centre of IFIN-HH


Nuclear forensics is normally seen as a discipline pertinent to nuclear security and intended to support investigations of illicit trafficking or nuclear terrorism cases. However, nuclear smuggling was happening before nuclear security was formally defined as a discipline, and radioactive material analysis and data interpretation techniques employed by nuclear forensics have also been used to investigate cases not pertinent to illicit trafficking.

In this seminar Vitaly Fedchenko will provide a survey of nuclear forensics and other applications of radioactive material analysis to specific issues of international peace and security, from the 1940s to the present day. The nuclear forensics professionals would benefit from learning about the history of nuclear forensics, as well as from improved awareness of and collaboration with other international security frameworks, such as verification of non-proliferation treaties, including the IAEA safeguards and the CTBTO International Monitoring System.

Vitaly Fedchenko is a Senior Researcher at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), and an author of the book "New Nuclear Forensics: Analysis of Nuclear Materials for Security Purposes" freely available online here: