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Florin Negoita, "ELI-NP/IFIN-HH participation in IMPULSE project and preparation for integrated operation within ELI ERIC"

IMPLUSE  project  was  submitted  in  March  2019  in  answer  to  H2020  INFRADEV-04-2019  call  and started on 1st of November 2020. The participants are: ELI-DC (to become soon ELI ERIC), the 3 ELI pillars in Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, and other 11 institutions from 6 European countries. From a total of 20 MEuro, the budget of ELI-NP/IFIN-HH in the project is 4 MEuro, equal to budget of the other two ELI pillars and of ELI-DC.

The  main  goal  of  the  project  is  to  support  the  transition  of  the  3  ELI  infrastructures  from  construction  phase  to  a  stable  operation  integrated  within  a  single  organization,  ELI  ERIC.  The  project  has  scientific  goals  such  as  the  study  of  key  technologies  to  assure  a  stable  operation,  development of capabilities to perform experiments and support the users, and also non-scientific objectives:  design  and  implementation  of  similar  resource  management  rules,  of  operation  procedures  and  characterization  of  primary  and  secondary  sources  (lasers  and  respectively  radiation generated by lasers), of data base for spare parts, etc. The actual legal transition to an integrated operation is foreseen in the project for the ELI pillars in Czech Republic and Hungary, while  for  ELI-NP  the  project  offers  the  support  for  preparation  of  a  fast  integration  as  soon  as  Romania will become ELI ERIC member.

Because ELI-NP integration in ELI ERIC is indirectly linked to the legal conflict with EuroGammaS Consortium, we will also present the option of using the equipment produced by EuroGammaS which  is  currently  on  ELI-NP  site  to  build  in  IFIN-HH  a  facility  for  production  of  radioactive  ion  beams and of radioisotopes for medical applications driven by an electron accelerator. Although this initiative is in an early stage of analysis, the possibility to create a competitive infrastructure at European level, complementary to other existing or under construction facilities in the field of radioactive beams, clearly emerged.
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Florin Negoita