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Hiromitsu Haba, Production of Radioisotopes for Application Studies at RIKEN RI Beam Factory


At RIKEN RI Beam Factory (RIBF), Wako, Japan, we have been developing production technologies of
radioisotopes (RIs) and conducting RI application studies in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering,
medicine, pharmaceutical and environmental sciences. With light- to heavy-ion beams from the AVF cyclotron,
we produce more than 100 RIs from 7Be (atomic number Z = 4) to 262Db (Z = 105). Recently, we developed
production technologies of 67Cu and 211At in the 70Zn(d,αn)67Cu and 209Bi(α,2n)211At reactions, respectively, for nuclear
medicine. RIs of a large number of elements (multitracer) are simultaneously produced from metallic targets such
as natTi, natAg, natHf, 197Au, and 232Th irradiated with a 135-MeV nucl.–1 14N beam from RIKEN Ring Cyclotron. The
multitracer is useful to trace the behavior of many elements simultaneously under an identical experimental
condition. Chemical characterization of newly-discovered superheavy elements (SHEs, Z ≥ 104) is an interesting
and challenging subject in modern nuclear and radiochemistry. We have installed a gas-jet transport system
to the gas-filled recoil ion separator as a novel technique for SHE chemistry. SHE RIs of 261Rf (Z = 104), 262Db,
265Sg (Z = 106), and 266Bh (Z = 107) are produced in the heavy-ion induced reactions on a 248Cm target. The
chemical synthesis and gas-chromatographic analysis of the first organometallic compound of SHEs, Sg(CO)6
were successfully conducted. Using Superconducting Ring Cyclotron and the fragment separator BigRIPS, RIBF
can generate more than 3,000 RI beams with the world’s highest intensity. We propose to use these RI beams
for application studies by implanting them into various materials such as water, acids, physiological saline, and