General Seminars

Nuclear data challenges leading to new experimental and theoretical research

by Roberto Capote Noy (Nuclear Data Section, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna)

The Training and Research Centre of IFIN-HH

The Training and Research Centre of IFIN-HH


Identified nuclear data challenges for different application needs are reviewed in this talk covering nuclear reactor technologies, safety and security, planetary research, astrophysics and geological applications among others. These challenges require new and high-quality experimental measurements often combined with appropriate nuclear-reaction modelling and subsequent nuclear data evaluation.  Basic concepts as experimental and reaction models vs evaluated data will be discussed.

Challenges to be potentially discussed (not ordered):

  • O-16(n,a) and C-13(a,n) cross sections  which are important for astrophysics and reactors
  • Cl cross sections for molten salt reactors
  • PFNS and (g,n) reactions
  • Photonuclear reactions on structural materials as a high-energy neutron source in reactors affecting (n,2n) dosimeters
  • The importance of inelastic scattering data for reactors
  • Thermal capture gamma spectra relevance for applications: oil-logging, security, neutron dosimetry
  • Neutron standards in particular fission cross sections
  • Neutron multiplicities